Itinerary 3

Centro Urbano con percorsiTHE VILLAGE OF MIGLIERINA

Your tour to the discovery of Miglierina starts from via Salvo D’Acquisto, near the Town Hall. You go to via dei Mastri Miglierinesi and turn right on via Melissa, the main street of the town where you can find the historic Bar Guzzi and the Bar Torcia. From here, you go ahead until piazza della Costituzione and you arrive at a crossroads. In via Pitagora you can find Mrs Antonella’s house. She will be happy to show you the ancient art of weaving using the loom and some precious handmade clothes. If you go ahead, past Palazzo dei Granati, there is the Mother Church of Saint Lucy on the right and Francesco’s workshop nearby, a hobbyist carpenter and glass designer.

In the higher part of Miglierina, taking via Giovanni XXIII and then on the left via Casale, you can see the oldest houses of the village (the first inhabitants settled here in the 1700s). Once arrived at viale Cristoforo, you turn right on via Dante Alighieri to go back to the town centre. You are again in via Giovanni XXIII and after 50 meters you turn left until via Mattia Preti, where you can find Palazzo Torcia. Then you turn right and you are in via Matteotti. Here, at the crossroads, you can find Palazzo Torchia and you can see the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Principio, commonly known as Church of Rosario, whose façade was carved by Alfonso Pallone, “mastro miglierinese” in the late 1800s. Now you take via Salvo D’acquisto to go back to the starting point.