Itinerary 1

Itiner. Fiume Amato


The territory of Miglierina is characterized by the ruins of ancient water mills dating back to the early 1800s, where the inhabitants went to grind corn, sweet corn and different legumes. Going from the Town Hall along via Salva D’Acquisto, you head for viale Primo Maggio and turn left on via Melina, a quiet country road. It is 2.000 metres long and there you can see several old farmhouses full of life and agricultural activities.

After 25 minutes’ walk and beyond a metal barrier on the right, you take a road 500 metres long that leads you to the river Amato and to the area opposite the ancient Bruni mill with its old stones used to grind corn. The river Amato originates from the Mountains of Soveria Manelli and runs along the village, across Lamentino to flow into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The stairs take you again on the main street. To go back to the village you can go straight ahead on via Melina and after 1.300 meters, there is a small votive shrine at a crossroads. On the left, you go again to the village until the Church of Rosario. Beyond the votive shrine, instead, you can find a second crossroads. Here, if you turn right, you go back to the river Amato; if you turn left, you arrive at Strada provincial 43 near the cemetery and you go to the village again. We recommend this itinerary to all those who love long walks (about 7.000 meters).